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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Veeresh's Poetic Concepts

The Poetic Concepts by Swami Anand Veeresh

A collection of poetic concepts drawn from talks given by Veeresh during his workshops over the last twelve years.

In these poetic concept Veeresh's experiences of working with people are condensed to a journey through the process of understanding human growth.

The journey starts by innovation and NO!, to No-Thing and the fundamental question of 'who am I?'. Love is touched, with YES! and change falls into place.With working with people and the Humaniversity Therapy, the book ends in Friendship.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Veeresh's Innovations

Its all about my Innovations and Discoveries in the domain of computer science engineering...

I had started the research and developmental work since from 4th semester of my engineering course. I had beginned with my research on "PAIR Sort" as my first research, as a result of my work I could able to discover a new and first idea or algorithm and I made this
as my first Innovation. Then later having this confidence I could able to discover and innovate more applicable ideas and algorithms in computers. So, now totally I could putforward 9 Innovative algorithms... So here the confidence and knowledge along with efforts made all these differences...

Research Paper 1
The PAIR Sorting Technique

It is a new simple and efficient sorting technique.
Its efficiency is more than Quick sorting technique and all other.
It is the First sorting technique from India.

Research Paper 2
The Quick Searching Technique
It is a new searching technique for set of numeric.
Its efficiency is twice good efficiency of Linear Searching technique.

Research Paper 3
The Power of a Matrix
It is a new method of finding the power of a matrix.
It finds the power of a matrix with least number of multiplications.
It does irrespective of row and column grids of a matrix.

Research Paper 4
The Self Linked List for String Search
It is a new method of string searching.
Its efficiency is much better than the Hashing searching technique.
It introduces a new kind of linked list called “Self Linked Lists”.
It is a concept for converting conceptual finite automata models into
data structural models.

Research Paper 5
The Permutations by Binary Subsets
It is a new method of generating set of permutations.
It is based on the Subset construction of Binary digits.

Research Paper 6
The Circular Sort
It is a new simple sorting technique.
It gives a relative average good efficiency.

Research Paper 7
The Two Way Line Algorithm
It is a new method of drawing a line in graphics.
It is based on the method of generating multiple midpoints recursively.

Research Paper 8
Optimized Digital Units
It is a research to optimize some basic binary operations.
It is done at the core level of processor (ALU).
These units will reduce the number of bit operations of operands.
This would increase the processor execution speed.

Research Paper 9
The String Sorting Technique
It is new string sorting technique for ordering the strings.
It is independent method of primitive sorting techniques.

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